• Student
    Student Data Management
  • Fees
    Collection and Pending Fees
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    Student and Staff Attendance
  • Academics
    Academic Records Management
  • Library
    Books Issue and Return
  • Assets
    Assets Management System
  • Staff
    Staff Data Management
  • Maintenance
    Maintenance and Security
    For Students
  • Notice Board
    Electronic Notice Board
  • Facilities
    Hostel and Transportation
  • Financial Accounting
    Double Entry Financial Accounting
  • Payroll
    Payroll Processing & Data Management
  • Balance Sheet
    Consolidated Balance Sheet
  • Property (DA)
    Property and Map Approval Data
  • Legal Cases
    Legal Case Data Management
  • RTI
    RTI Application Monitoring System
  • Data Collection
    Data Collection from remote locations
  • Online Application
    Application Receipt and Processing
  • Stock & Billing
    Purchase, Sale, and Stock Management
  • Appointment
    Appointment Request & Response